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Plumbing Repairs

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Drain Cleaning

Call Sanders Plumbing now to help restore drainage promptly and to camera inspect your buried line to advise if any roots or sewer breaks may be causing your problem so the proper repair is performed

Frozen Pipes

Making sure that all of your pipes are insulated is a must, especially external pipes that enter your property, as these are the pipes that are at most risk of freezing in cold weather

Sewer Line

At Sanders Plumbing we repair sewer lines and we also install new sewer lines for those times that the line just can not be saved.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Sanders Plumbing in Orillia and Midland will help you with any water or plumbing related emergency 24 hours a day holidays and weekends.

Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are an absolute necessity. They are also the biggest energy consume in your home and if improperly installed can be one of the most dangerous appliances! Annual Maintenance of your hot water tank will increase its lifespan and improve it's performance and efficiency.

*24Hr Emergency Service*

Need Emergency Plumbing in Orillia, ON? Call us now at (705) 279-7473